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DIY Bedhead Re-upholstery

You’ll never believe what this bedhead looked like before

Okay, so as a human I too make mistakes… even interior design related mistakes. I know – it’s hard to believe but it’s true. I too can get carried away from time to time and make a rushed interiors purchase when faced with the horrible possibility of missing out on a bargain.

The mistake in question.

I had grand plans of purchasing a new bed, upholstered in a black and white gingham fabric. It was going to be very cosy and refined. As I was scheming and planning, I happened to attend the Coco Republic warehouse sale and was greeted by a lovely check/tartan bedhead in teal/beige colours. I have to say, I did like the fabric but the combination of the fabric and shiny nickel nail head stud detail just wasn’t quite right for my space. I took the plunge regardless because it was a one-off and it was my only opportunity to purchase something vaguely similar to what I really wanted for about 1 quarter of the price. Cut to, me living with the new bedhead for roughly 5 months and hating every minute of it. I recently pulled myself together and faced the fact that I made a mistake and I needed to fix it.

The infamous shiny nickel nail heads

How to reupholster your mistake bedhead:

Step One: Find a fabric that you like. I discovered a fantastic resource for incredible quality (and expensive) upholstery fabrics for a fraction of their normal prices. Reverse Garbage in Marrickville sell sometimes full rolls of beautiful upholstery fabric for between $5-$15 per meter. You do have to scrounge to find a fabric that you like with enough on the roll for your project but it’s definitely worth it. I found a gorgeous Designer’s Guild fabric for $10 per meter which is a fraction of the retail price.

My Designer’s Guild Fabric & The Trusty Staple Gun

Step Two: Gather your tools. Tool number one is your trusty staple gun, nothing works better when you’re working on some DIY upholstery. Tool number two is a good pair of fabric scissors, the only other thing I needed was something to hide the nail head indentations from coming through the new fabric and I used dacron/ cushion filler (also purchased from Reverse Garbage).

It might look silly but it’s going to give me the smooth finish I wanted

Step Three: Cover those nail heads. You may not need to do this step but I didn’t want the nail heads underneath my fabric to show through. I cut strips of dacron and taped it over the top of the rows of nail heads. As long as your fabric is pulled tightly enough over the top this should work perfectly.

Make sure your fabric is laid out very flat and straight

Step Four: Measure your fabric out. The easiest and most accurate way to do this is to lay your fabric flat on the ground and carefully place your bedhead flat on the ground on top of your very neat and flat fabric. Cut around your bedhead making sure you leave enough to wrap around the edges (be more generous than you think you need to be, you can always trim this more).

Leave more than enough fabric to pull around the edges

Step Five: Start stapling. Very neatly pull the excess fabric around the edges and staple to the back surface of your headboard. I like to fold the fabric over again to achieve a neat hem finish. I find I get the neatest finish if I staple my first side, then move onto the opposite side so that the fabric is pulled tightly in one direction from two sides (for example vertically) before moving onto the other direction. Don’t forget to neatly fold your corners on the edges of your bedhead, not across the top.

Neat folds only!

And voila! A brand new bedhead. This light grey fabric has a much more light and airy feel to it, the space just opened up as soon as the old fabric was covered up.

Freshly re-upholstered bedhead (so fresh and so clean!)

If you need some help with your bedroom interior design, don’t hesitate just get in touch with me and we’ll make it work!

Until next time, xx

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