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What we’re reading in isolation

I usually spend my downtime listening to roughly 90% true crime podcasts and 10% design and business related podcasts. 

Lately I’ve been really struggling to get into to the depressing and anxiety inducing stories of murder and career prospects during this current pandemic. So, I’ve been looking for cheerier subject matter and my solution is audiobooks. I signed up for Audible recently and for about $15 per month, you can download a new book to listen to and if you choose correctly, your worries will just wash away.

Now, don’t get upset… if your taste for serial killer biographies hasn’t waned like mine has, Audible has a great selection curated for the likes of you too. However, my method for maintaining an overall sense of positivity has moved slightly further towards something lighter.

Here’s my collection of books that I’ll be reading in Isolation:

Three Women – Lisa Taddeo

<3 Captivating, slightly raunchy and impossible to turn off.

Little Weirds – Jenny Slate

<3 Strangely soothing, funny, good for distracting from reality.

The Anti-Cool Girl – Rosie Waterland

<3 SO interesting, relatable and eye opening.

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker 

<3 Fascinating, amazing resource, lots of excuses to sleep longer. 

I hope my selection of instant positivity-inducing reading comes in handy incase you accidentally leave the news on.

Until next time! xx

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