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Interiors Girl Tackles TV Placement and Spatial Planning

The biggest obstacle that I come up against when designing a living room is:

Where does the tv go?

Nobody wants that big black rectangle to be the focus of their space, especially when it’s a more formal living room but let’s face it, if you don’t have a TV there will people really use this space? How do you design and balanced and symmetrical space without placing the tv in the middle of the room and making it a feature?

Well, I regularly go through this process and I’ve put together a little example of how I’ve overcome this problem.

This lovely room is the destination for a family room and a formal living space. Traditionally, this space would be divided into a formal living & dining space but we’re being realistic here, nobody uses the formal dining room and we’re trying to get this space working as hard as it can for us.

 Those imbalanced rooms! Those imbalanced rooms!

The first obstacle that we’re approaching here is the imbalance of designated space in the 2 areas that make up this room. The more difficult thing about this room is that the larger, more usable portion has a (albeit, lovely) centered fireplace which makes for a lovely sitting room but makes positioning a tv rather difficult (obvious solution is the place the tv above the fireplace but we’re getting tricky here). The smaller space has a great wall suitable for a television but then as a consequence we’re squishing the more frequented room into the smaller space. It’s also a thoroughfare into the kitchen so we need to allow for the use of these doors.

 Tricky fireplace…. Tricky fireplace….

Okay, here we go – getting to the good stuff. The solutions:

  1. We’re obviously using the fireplace portion of the space for the living room (with tv) since this space will get used a lot more.

  2. The smaller section will be used as a sitting room, typically frequented with guests and more social gatherings with 2-4 people. Also a great place to sit and admire the pretty bay window at the other end. This 4 armchair & coffee table solution allows for more open space to be used as a thoroughfare.

  3. Flanking the fireplace with 2 x storage units allows for the placement of a tv directly opposite the longest wall in the room, making for a suitable place to insert a sofa. These 2 pieces also implement some symmetry, thereby reinforcing the “formal” aspect of this space. We’ve balance the tv with a piece of artwork in a similar size & dark colour palette. The storage unit with an artwork above also makes for a lovely greeting piece directly opposite the main entrance to this space.

 The mood board for the living room (larger) portion of the space The mood board for the living room (larger) portion of the space

 The mood board for the living room (smaller) portion of the space The mood board for the living room (smaller) portion of the space

I hope that you can use these simple tips in your space and if you’ve got a super tricky space, let me know! We can work it out together.

Until next time! xx