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Rug Dilemmas

So this has been coming for a while now…

One of the first big ticket items I purchased when I moved out of home was my West Elm blue distressed rug. It has certainly served me well over the past 5 or so years however, the time has now come to replace it.

This decision did not come lightly and it definitely wasn’t one made in haste. My blue rug was still in great condition but one think about my apartment has gradually become abundantly clear… it’s not longer blue. Almost everything in my space used to be very cool and I absolutely highlighted blue hues in my decor.

Since introducing a few new key pieces that we’re on the warmer side (my olive green dining chairs and honey coloured piano) the general colour palette has transformed dramatically. There was still one element holding onto the blues of the past and that was my beloved rug.

So it was was time to replace it…

Criteria for my new rug:

  1. Must complement a warm tonal palette

  2. Must contrast against existing taupe/brown carpet flooring

  3. Must be soft and squishy for maximum comfort

  4. Must have a tiny bit of a retro feeling

I knew what I wanted was going to be an off white/ cream colour and was going to have a very cosy textural quality. I started on gumtree & facebook marketplace, I was searching all kinds of keywords like: white shag rug, cream tufted rug, white retro rug, etc etc and nothing suitable came along.

I was scrolling through Instagram and found what would inspire my final purchase. (I still wish I could find out where this rug was from!!)



The funny ending to this story is that the place I ended up finding my perfect living room rug was where it had all begun… West Elm. I was searching through West Elm’s collection for what felt like the 20th time when I stumbled upon a rug from their Kids Collection. There it was! The Loop Rug in Ivory.

The best part of this story is that it was on sale and the absolute last one in stock! I knew it was meant to be!

What do you think of my rug addition?

Until next time xx