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Kitchen Hardware Edit

The kitchen in my apartment gets a lack-luster amount of attention in comparison to the rest of my space but I HAVE been trying. I’ve been taking things slowly and surely, mostly because I rent and the majority of alterations to a kitchen are permanent.

 The joinery hardware in this kitchen just make this space! Image source @2lgstudio - Instagram
The joinery hardware in this kitchen just make this space! Image source @2lgstudio – Instagram

If you’re a regular visitor around here, you’ll remember that I recently changed my kitchen flooring and added some open shelving which has brightened the space up dramatically. There’s one additional area that I have been eyeing off lately… my kitchen cupboards.

I don’t have the luxury of changing the cupboard doors completely which I would DIE to do (the shade of white throws a weird blue colour that hurts me physically) but a very easy and affordable face-lift for these doors is new hardware.

I’ve found my top 5 affordable door hardware options on the internet right now and today I’m sharing them with you!


These are my favourite out of all the door knobs that I found. The cute-as-pie shape just makes me so happy. It almost looks like a brass cookie that’s been inserted into the door like a key! (Maybe that’s just me?) Buy these babies here.


When it comes to brass kitchen hardware, these feel like the slightly over-dressed aunty that comes to every family event with a bottle of Verve in tow (no one’s complaining about that!) Buy a similar one here.


If Cher was re-doing her rental kitchen (and had a much, much lower budget than usual) she would definitely select these bad boys to adorn her cupboards. They have a glam feeling to them that’s reminiscent of the 1970’s in a really subtle way. Cher’s knobs can be found here.


This door knobs knows it’s cool. It’s not trying hard AT ALL and it’s killing it. If you’ve got a decorative door with panel details this understated silhouette is the design for you. Buy this one here.


It could be because i’m hungry but these knobs look like a marshmallow resting on a brass stick just ready to hover above a campfire. Okay… maybe it’s because I love roasted marshmallows. Either way, these are adorable and would fit right into any kitchen I’ve ever designed. Buy them here.

Now all you need to do is decide what flavour your kitchen is!

Until next time! xx