Interiors On A Budget

All the vintage I didn’t buy…. plus one thing I did!

It’s absolutely no secret that I love vintage shopping. It could be vintage homewares, furniture or clothing but give me a good second-hand shop to rummage through and I’m a happy gal.

I recently visited one of my favourite vintage spots in Sydney, Lunatiques and had a great time visualising all the strange and wonderful things in my space. So, in celebration of all things vintage and amazing I’m taking you on a journey of all the vintage I didn’t buy… plus one special piece I did indulge in.

No 1. Vintage Brass Floor Lamp



Okay… I’m having non-buyers remorse… I kinda want to go back and buy this lamp. This is a beautiful vintage brass double-head lamp that I spied and now I don’t remember why I didn’t buy it… The addition of the slightly tarnished brass finish would have been a very nice addition to my living room.

No 2. Fred Ward Chest of Drawers



What a beauty! I loved this chest of drawers and it was one of the items that I was keeping my eye out for on this particular vintage trip. The only downside was that it’s a touch too small for all the piles of clothes that are currently spilling out of my half-broken chest of drawers.. sad face because this 1950’s gem is to die for!

No 3. Pink & Purple Crockery Set



Ooo this was a close one. I was very very very close to balancing this collection of crockery on my backseat all the way home. How could I have walked away from this amazing rainbow of purple, musk and baby pink? I was seriously demonstrating my will-power this day… I might go back and get it….

No 4. Vintage Red Cashmere Cardigan



So I tried this on and proceeded to carry it around the whole place for about an hour intending to buy it up until the absolute last second. It was so soft and warm and I wanted it so badly… I just so rarely wear red that I couldn’t commit to the cardigan (also refer back to the chest of drawers situation above).

One thing I bought: Mid Century Bookshelf



So I couldn’t resist this lil’ guy… This very simple timber bookshelf with it’s very mid-century leg detail was calling me and I couldn’t say no. You can see that it slots into place so smoothly, just like it’s always been here. That’s the great thing about second hand shopping – this shelf was $50 (an absolute bargain if you ask me).

Shopping second hand is the most fun, you end up with a unique item and you save that item from landfill! Everybody wins!

Until next time! xx