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Top 5 Personal Fragrances!

My love for beautiful things extends far beyond just homewares & furniture (surprising, I know). I’m a self confessed shopping addict and one of the things that gets me every single time is packaging. I love beautiful packaging so much that I would honestly buy perfume based on the packaging alone without smelling it.

Okay, so I haven’t actually done that… but I’ve been close.

I’ve been searching for a new scent for a while now as I’ve had one staple fragrance that I’ve adored for the past few years but I think I’m ready to move on for now. I definitely favour scents that have a musky, floral flavour to them. I dislike anything too sweet or fruity and I’m sorry to tell you but Chanel No.5 is my least favourite scent… in the world.

Now, like I said earlier, it’s not all about the way it smells. A collection of fragrance bottles will finish off any bedside table or dresser in your bedroom. Styling in the bedroom and bathroom with these gorgeous little bits of glass jewellery make such an impact on the feeling of a space.

Today, I’ve pulled together my top 5 scents that satisfy both of the major check boxes when it comes to choosing your personal fragrance. Which one will be sitting pretty next to your bedside lamp in no time?



Until next time! xx