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How I Chose My Dining Room Setting

Boy, how I’ve been struggling.

 A little while ago I replaced my $40 second-hand vintage dining table with one of a more “grown up” variety. I bought that gumtree when I first moved out of home and I’ve always adored it. However, I had a lovely new table on the way that I was very excited about. My new “grown up” dining table needed some “grown up” chairs to go with it. The dining chairs I had did go well colour-wise with the new dining table but they were a bit small and felt like they would float away if I didn’t anchor them down.

 Naturally, my instinctual go-to for new dining chairs was… Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace! I really didn’t want to buy brand-new dining chairs, mostly because dining chairs are damn expensive but also because I don’t think shiny new chairs would really suit my space and I HATE faux vintage with a passion. I found the absolute perfect chairs.. they were vintage Cesca dining chairs that I hastily picked up off a lovely elderly couple who were packing their home up to live in a retirement village. I was more than happy to take the chairs off their hands for a very fair price of $450 for all 4.

 As soon as I had my lovely new dining table paired with the lucky-find dining chairs I knew something was off. They just didn’t feel right. The colouring of my dining table top is a soft lightly white-washed oak timber and the dining chairs were a very yellow-hued oak timber. The colours were fighting with each other in a “we almost match but we definitely don’t match” kind of way.

 After I came to terms with the fact that my “made for each other” dining setting were not falling for each other the way that I had expected, it was back to the drawing board. Luckily, I found a new owner for my vintage Cesca chairs on Gumtree and I was starting from scratch. I surprisingly quickly came across a set of original mid-century dining chairs by Chiswell in the MOST amazing olive green leather. Admittedly, I had to drive about 3 hours there and back in peak-hour traffic but it was W O R T H  I T! I scored this set for an amazing $100 for all four chairs.

The thing that makes these dining chairs work so perfectly is the leg colour. Coincidently, my buffet is also original mid-century by Chiswell and the timber colour matches like an absolute dream. The dark walnut colour also contrasts really nicely with the colour of my dining table so that there’s no awkward.. ”do we match or don’t we?” feeling in the air. Having said this, the olive green leather that I fell in love with absolutely clashed with everything blue nearby and I quickly popped those items online and said goodbye forever (it was worth it).

 So here we have it, finding the perfect match did take a while but it was worth the waiting and the driving around Sydney.

 Until next time! xx