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My 4 tips for décor shopping!

Secret about me: I love shopping.

Another secret about me: I hate empty shelves and naked table tops.

(can you see where I’m going with this?)

I just can’t deal with seeing a sparse shelf with one lonely candle on it or even worse… nothing at all. The point of buying shelves is that you need things to put on them and if you’re doing it reverse (like I usually do) then this guide is going to help you immensely.  



TIP 1: Buy things you LOVE. This is a thing that I do pretty frequently but it does mean that when I look around my space my eyes do that love heart eye emoji thing and it fills me with happiness. It also means that you never regret buying the thing you love. For example, I recently got that “I love this thing so much I feel stressed about somebody else coming over here and taking it out of my hands” feeling about a pink handblown glass object. So… I put it on hold for an hour while I had lunch next door and I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole time. Now, she sits atop my buffet and instantly sparks joy in my heart (thanks Marie Kondo).



TIP 2: Think about where it’s going! This is a tip that I need to reinforce in myself on a regular basis. You can’t buy something for your home unless you have a good idea of where it will sit. I’ve made this mistake a few times, I find something cute that I think will work in with the vibe of my space and buy it without making a plan for it. A great example is the teeny-tiny pink (surprise, surprise) vase that I bought from a vintage shop in Kangaroo Valley. It’s absolutely adorable but it’s hard to make it work anywhere because it’s so small and I’m yet to find the perfect partner for it. She kind of floats around from shelf to table to inside a cupboard because she really doesn’t feel at home anywhere. Luckily it was only $3 so no big loss. When you find something, try and visualise if it’s the right height and proportion to fill up a shelf on its own or does he need a friend? You’ll thank me later when your new vase slots into place when you bring it home.



TIP 3: Are your colours working? Keeping in mind what your colour palette is will help you to stay on the right track for your décor accessories. Are you working with a predominately warm colour scheme or are you leaning towards blues and greens? Are you trying to inject a pop of colour into the space or is this piece going to be a supporting neutral piece? Asking yourself these questions is going to help you refrain from buy that teal blue keepsake box if it’s going to be on the wrong colour planet.



TIP 4: Buy things in odd numbers! This is a tried and tested decorating tip that I employ every day. When you’re putting together a styled area like a shelf or a table top remember odd numbers are your friends. For example if you have a selection of pillar candles, books or vases that you’re placing in a group, 3 or 5 together will always look more authentic and less “staged” than a group of 2 or 4.

I could go on forever but these 4 tips are definitely my go-to rules when I’m out and about and reaching for my wallet. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re in store and impulse purchase but if you think back to these 4 guidelines you’ll be confident that you’ve bought the right thing.

Until next time! xx