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Interiors Girl Gets an Upright Piano

I swear that this newly added piano is not purely for decoration (although, honestly I wouldn’t put it past me).

Dylan and I have been loosely talking about adding a piano to the space – he’s a musician and does play from time to time (currently, he plays it all day every day but I’m hoping the novelty wears off soon). Recently, I’ve been having a little bit of a furniture cull and selling some of the pieces in the apartment space that aren’t super functional. As a result I’d been left with a bit of an empty wall… and you know how I feel about empty walls! 



Initially I was thinking about purchasing this console table

But I felt like everything in the apartment was sitting at the same height level (kitchen bench, buffet, tv console table) and another table height piece would just be too much! My next thought was a bookshelf type piece that was a touch higher but I’ve got too many shelves in this space now too – I’m struggling a little bit with finding enough to decorate my shelves with! (just kidding, I have MORE than enough décor items!) I also didn’t need any extra storage – like I said, I’ve been culling and we hardly have anything left!

So we decided to take the piano plunge. We got to work scouring Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, finding the perfect match pretty quickly. The only problem was that it was about 2 hours away and if you’ve ever tried to move a piano, you would know that it is an expensive exercise. We ended up spending $200 on the piano and $660 on the piano mover which sounds like a lot but for $860 total this is a pretty special addition to our home.

What makes this piano perfect for our space you ask? I was adamant that we weren’t buying a glossy black one because… no thanks and it definitely needed to have a slight vintage feel to it to appeal to me but also to work in with the rest of the furniture in the apartment. Ideally I was looking for a pastel pink piano but I couldn’t get that idea off the ground unfortunately and I didn’t want anything too dark so that it didn’t compete with our nearby beloved buffet. Then we found this baby and the warm oak colour of this piece is a nice mid-toned timber, paired with the beautiful gold lettering across the front make it just perfect.

 I’m so happy I had an excuse to buy this piano because it sure is lovely and it’s going to be a dream to style. The major triggers for this purchase were the height that the space needed and the colouring and it’s all come together so nicely.

Have you got a tricky spot that you’re trying to find a piece for?

Until next time! xx