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Bedroom Decorating With Colour!

If you know me, you’ll be well aware of how much a hate changing things around my home (severe sarcasm).

One place that I do however find it difficult to update constantly is my bedroom. I love my Brosa bedhead and the soft blue fabric upholstery, but it’s a very dominating colour and makes updating cushions and artwork really tricky.

I recently updated my bedroom scatter cushions (it was a long time coming…) Once I had found fabrics that worked in with my bedhead and bedside tables I was hesitant to change things up but I finally bit the bullet. I found this very, very cute fabric by Clarke & Clarke with embroidered little bugs all over it. I think it’s adorable plus it has the right colours: predominately navy blue with soft greens, blues and taupes in amongst the embroidery.

These cushions were a little smaller than my normal bedroom scatters so I added in some large euro cushions to plump everything up. I chose a soft taupe textured fabric to pull out the neutral colour in the cushions and soften everything a little bit too.



My scatter cushion tip:

If you’re going for patterned cushions like me, choose something that has a predominant colour that works perfectly with your larger elements in the room. The foreground/ less predominant colours can be a little more interesting and add something a bit special to the space.

I was finally happy with my scatter cushions and everything was working seamlessly here. (phew!) Do you ever get that feeling when you update one thing and then everything surrounding it suddenly looks very tired? Well that’s what happened with my artwork. Again, I LOVE the Marimekko print above my bed but once I’d updated my scatter cushions, this piece just didn’t really mesh anymore.

I’ve been absolutely LUSTING over this Urban Outfitters bedhead for probably 6 months. It had been out of stock for ages and finally it was available again and I knew exactly where to put it. The over sized bamboo fan fit perfectly above my bed. I was a little scared it would be too big but the proportion of it ended up being an absolute dream. I’m really happy with the lovely amount of space on either side, it’s just enough to stop it from feeling overwhelming. The bamboo fan also sits just far away enough from the ceiling cornice.

Colour-wise this piece was perfect too. The natural bamboo colour really works in with the neutral elements in my scatter cushions and in my euro pillows. This piece feels a lot more grown-up than my previous artwork. It also helps that this is a little bit more uni-sex since my boyfriend also lives here (who would know?).



My artwork tip:

Choosing a sculptural artwork that’s interesting in it’s shape and design rather than colour can be the best accompaniment for a boldly coloured bedhead. Working the colour of this sculpture into your scatter cushions will also give your space that seamlessly effortless feeling.

Working with a boldly coloured bedhead can be tricky but with a little bit of patience finding the right pieces makes your space feel elevated and complete. I went to a little extra effort, getting this Urban Outfitters piece shipped to a US mail forwarder (Post Mate by Australia Post) and then onto Australia as Urban Outfitters Home doesn’t ship directly to us down under.

Until next time! xx