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Easy Peasy DIY Kitchen Shelf!

How the times have changed recently…

The kitchen used to be my least favourite space in my apartment, but I’ve been focusing a lot of attention lately on making this space feel just as lovely as the rest of my home. My latest project is a testament to how something so small can do just that!

Installing a floating shelf above my kitchen sink has been one of those things that’s been on my to-do list for a seriously long time but never felt inspired to get it done, until now!

I did a little bit of research into floating shelves and which one to buy. The walls in my apartment are quite a warm ivory colour so plain white was out of the question. I already hate how yellow the walls are, installing a white-white shelf would just make the yellow quality of the wall colour even more obvious. Black or any other bright colour were immediately out for obvious reasons. All I was left with was something with a timber-look finish. This will complement my wall colour and will work in well with the colouring of my near-by dining table.

I looked at floating shelves from IKEA but none of the colours worked well in my space. The two timber-look options were 1. Birch, this has a very light almost pinkish colouring to it which I feel looks quite cheap 2. Black-Brown, this dark dark colour was going to be way to prominent on the wall being the only dark element in the kitchen.

Next on my list was Bunnings. I found the perfect shelf here, actually the perfect shelf was only in store and not on their website! (it’s the exact same as this but 100cm long instead of 90cm). I wasn’t sure about the colouring until I had a look in real life, the Oak colour had a touch of a grey undertone which works perfectly for my space. They also have 2 more timber-look colours which are nice tones too!



The instructions on the box were pretty easy and everything I needed was inside (apart from the drill which I borrowed from my brother) and my kitchen went from average to cute in a matter of minutes! Finally my Martin Boyd ramekins have the perfect spot to live!

Now go, think about the tiny changes in your space that could make a huge difference!

Until next time! xx