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Interiors Girl’s Europe Trip P2

I’ve saved the best for last guys…



I left you off at Rome and boy I didn’t know what was coming up, AT ALL. I’m so excited, I’m just gonna jump straight in!

Florence | Ah! Florence! Oh my gosh it was the highlight of this trip by far. The city itself is beautiful, I don’t know how many pictures I took of the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio Bridge but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. When I arrived the temperature was -3 degrees celsius which I’ve discovered in my happiest temperature. (I really need to leave Sydney right now, it’s so hot). After taking in all the amazing scenery and beautiful buildings and eating all the gelato, I hit up the amazing museums. Florence has such an interesting history and one of the consequences of all that history was the incredible contents of the Uffizi Gallery. I spent about 4.5 hours in this gallery, it was the most amazing thing ever. The best part of the Uffizi was getting to spend time with Botticelli’s works ‘Spring’ and ‘Birth of Venus’. Mesmerised would be an understatement.



Turin | My last 2 days in Italy were some very quiet and peaceful ones. Turin was a super pretty city with some of the most beautiful gardens and parks that I’ve seen. I spent hours walking and relaxing – well it was relaxing until a squirrel attacked me but that terrifying experience was short-lived thankfully. I visited the Porta Palazzo food markets and got a small peak into everyday life of Turin. One of the highlights in Turin was visiting Palazzo Castello, The Royal Palace of Turin. The whole palace has been left in it’s original condition and oh my I was all too happy to sticky beak into the last residences of Turin Royalty. This city was a lovely respite from the touristy hustle and bustle of the other places I visited on my trip. Most people didn’t speak English which was actually really nice (I did a lot of pointing). I needed my rest because I was about to hit my final destination.



Paris | Arriving in Paris was blindingly exciting but at the same time I knew my trip was coming to an end soon. However, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to finish up an amazing 3 weeks. I stayed in the Marais area which was the best decision I’ve made so far in this lifetime. Walking along the Seine River on my first night in Paris and spying the Eiffel Tower lights from the distance was absolutely surreal. The next morning I made my way to The Louvre and got my glimpse of the many incredible artworks that make the museum so famous (also surreal). After I got all of the obligatory Paris check-list items done, it was time to shop. I discovered my favourite clothing brand Claudie Pierlot and made 2 investment purchases, a leather jacket and a pair of the most “me’“ boots I’ve ever laid my eyes on. After spending all my money, it was time to hit up the vintage shops! Oh my, Paris has the most amazing vintage shopping ever! I bought a skirt for 5 Euros that will absolutely be a winter staple in my wardrobe. The best part of Paris was definitely just aimlessly wondering around the streets and taking in all of the beautiful buildings and scenery. It’s hard to explain the special sparkle that all of Paris has.



Phew! Okay, there you have it, a very refined recap of my European Holiday. Over 3 weeks I gathered enough inspiration to fuel my creative brain for the next 2 years but hopefully it won’t be that long until I go back!

Until next time! xx