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My Top Tips For Bookshelf Styling!

I’ve been waiting for a while to style this bookshelf!

This guy is my new bookshelf from Oly Studio, San Francisco design company. It is the quirkiest and most usable bookshelf, the open shelves make it such a great piece for a small apartment because it looks great from every angle. It also looks even better now because I’ve pulled together all my favourite styling pieces and decorated up a storm!

Since I’m so excited about styling a bookshelf, I thought you’d be pretty pumped about it too and I’ve compiled a list of my top tips for bookshelf styling just for you!


Utilising the element of layering can really create a dynamic feeling bookshelf display. I bought this lovely mirror from H&M Home and it’s the best piece for this. Just make sure whatever you’re reflecting looks good from the back, this vase of flowers just works perfectly!


Ooooooh yes, this is an absolute must when decorating your bookshelf. You gotta break out of the confinements of that shelf! Adding an element of greenery brings in some great neutral colour while providing an organic element feels so good against the straight lines of your bookshelf. This one’s a no-brainer.




The relationship between your shelves is important and finding a balance between them is how to make a happy bookshelf. When introducing a large item or group of items that takes up the whole shelf, try to counteract that with something tall and narrow on the next shelf. This will make these two shelves feel like they’re supporting each other rather than competing.



Just using these 3 simple rules, you’ll be styling some instagram-worthy “shelfies” in absolutely no time! Good luck!

Until next time! xx