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Top 10 Dining Chairs!

I consider myself to be a professional shopper.

My job kinda actually is… a professional shopper. Shopping could be my second passion in life, next to interior design.

Today, I’m combining my 2 passion in the form of interiors shopping! One of the more important items that I shopped for recently was new dining chairs for my apartment. I ordered a new dining table which took roughly 3 months to arrive. Needless to say, I had a bunch of time to procrastinate about my new table’s dining chair partner in crime.

I ended up buying my dining chairs second hand off gumtree from a lovely couple who we’re downsizing into a retirement village. They we’re very confused about why I was willing to pay real money for their old dining chairs (HA – jokes on them)! On my dining chair journey, I did come across a few very cute & desirable designs, some I couldn’t afford sadly.However, I’m going to share my dining chair research results with you guys because I can’t let all that hard work go to waste! (I also may come back to these options in a little while… I’m still coming around to my current set-up and might have a change of heart.)

If you feel a connection to my interiors style then you’re going to wanna pay attention!

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As always, happy shopping!

Until next time xx