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My Fav Interiors Magazines & Why

There’s nothing quite like the luxury of taking the time to peruse through the magazine section of your newsagent, taking something home and THEN putting aside the time to flip through and even read articles on breathtaking, amazing interiors.

It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does… I make sure to flip through the whole magazine once very excitedly taking in the pretty pictures as quickly as possible, then I take the more methodical approach of analysing which articles to read and enjoying that peace and quiet while soaking it all in. I’ve fine-tuned my interiors magazine taste over the years, some old pals have been forgotten and some new friends have joined the team but I’m pretty content with my regular gang. Knowing what you’re looking for makes waiting in anticipation for the fresh issue to reach your newsagent just that much for exciting.

It’s so nice to be surprised by content that you didn’t specifically source like I normally do online on blogs or Pinterest. When you’re looking for a little inspiration, I find the spontaneity of magazines so much more engaging. Don’t have a regular selection of mags that you devour monthly? Well, after you read through My Fav Interiors Mag & Why, you’ll become a regular at the newsagent just like me.


(1) ELLE DECORATION (UK) (Make sure it’s the UK version!!) This has been by far my number 1 favourite interiors magazine for the longest time. I remember when I was studying, living of practically $0 a week, I still managed to scrounge up the cash for the most inspiring interiors mag in existence. With such a sophisticated aesthetic, the international interiors just melt off the pages and into my dreams. Elle Decoration (UK) has the perfect audience balance of Interiors Professional & Everyday Interiors Lover (I also happen to be both) so that the magazine’s content is informative as well as just absolutely lust-worthy. I couldn’t recommend adding this publication to your team of regulars any more.

(2) VOUGE LIVING (AUS) Out of the vast Aussie interiors mags selection out there, Vogue Living tops the list for me. I feel like their vibe is somewhat cooler than the rest of our local chronicles, featuring high-end Australian designers and architects on their pages. There’s a healthy helping of local supplier information inside making it a great reference when sourcing products for a Sydney project. The pages of Vogue Living (AUS) are curated in such a lovely way that focuses on relevant themes in the Interiors Industry. This magazine is one that I’ve only recently introduced into my regular inspiration catalogue but it’s here to stay!

(3) ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST (USA) For me, this magazine is part interiors journal and part tabloid – I LOVE seeing celebrities homes and finding out what their interiors style is (it’s normally SO surprising!). Also, of course seeing what the kind of amazing homes actresses and billionaires can afford is pretty thrilling. My favourite part is finding out what Interior Designer worked on the spaces and then continuing to stalk and admire their work forever (this is made a lot easier thanks to Instagram). Architectural Digest does of course have fantastic articles and non-celebrity focused content which I stay for, but really I know what I’ve come to see when I pick up this mag. The general American-style vibe of this magazine is so appealing to me, I love to see the collectables and grand pieces in the spaces photographed for the publication!

And that’s a wrap! (Who has time to read more than 3 magazines per month? I sure don’t). If you’re new to interiors magazines, I highly recommend my top picks to start you off on your inspo journey.

I’ll just be here, sipping my coffee and flipping through…

Until next time! xx