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DIY Christmas Wrapping!

I can be SO lazy.

I know, surprising right? I even surprise myself with my own laziness sometimes… and that’s exactly what I did this Christmas.

I did (almost) all of my Christmas shopping in 1 late-night shopping trip. It was edging towards 9pm and I was really impressed with myself but also really exhausted. I wanted to be FINISHED. All I needed to complete my shopping expedition was wrapping paper and Christmas cards… onwards to Daiso I head. I picked up the least offensive paper & card designs I could, paid my $5.60 to the cashier, got in my car and went home (finally). The following week I wrapped up all my gifts in my crappy wrapping paper, wrote my very generic messages in my very generic Christmas cards.

And then.. I unwrapped every single gift and chucked out every single card. All in the bin. Buh bye!

I was appalled at myself. How could I be so thoughtless and lazy and miss such an AMAZING crafting opportunity!!?

Well, I’ve rectified my wrapping wrongs and spent way too much time creating personalised Christmas wrapping paper & card combos for all of my lovely family and friends. By the way, I’m also totally fine with the fact that my artworks are going to be destroyed in seconds… its all worth it thought, right?

Here’s my Christmas Wrapping DIY How To, just incase you find yourself with roughly 20 hours of spare time before Christmas Day…


  • Brown Kraft Paper (Kmart)
  • Gold Ribbon (Coles)
  • Silver Tinsel (Coles)
  • Gold & Silver Sharpie Markers (Kmart)
  • Gold & Silver Metallic Pens (Daiso)
  • Magic Tape (Coles)


I played with a few Christmas themed ideas that I could incorporate my family & friends names in and I ended up choosing the infamous bauble. The bauble is easy to personalise with a name but also the bauble decoration can be styled towards your families personality. My favourite decoration inevitably is the snowflake. I’m very happy with the way the metallic silver snowflakes turned out on the kraft brown paper.


Measure out how much wrapping paper you’ll need for the item you’re wrapping and lightly mark the surface space of your item so that your design will sit in the centre of your gift


Wrap that bad boy up as neat as you can without creasing your drawing. Next up, the most fun part: While avoiding your drawing, wrap around some ribbon. Cut off about 5cm of tinsel and pop that into the centre of your ribbon’s knot. Squish your tinsel into a ball so that it resembles a pom-pom and voila! You’ve got a personalised, festive, sparkly and simple gift wrapping idea!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Interiors Girl!

Until next time xx