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Dream Balcony Decor Round-Up!

I know your balcony is looking lush and summery right now thanks to my DIY faux lawn post last week.

You’ve already spent extra time out there, sipping some sort of fancy cocktail instead of just folding laundry like you used to. There’s only 1 thing wrong with this picture though… you’re lacking in the fun decor and furniture department! Outdoor furniture can range from cheap and nasty to crazy expensive and it’s not super fun trawling through all that 90’s brown woven blergh on gumtree. I know why those people don’t want it anymore… cause its chunky and uuuuuugly.

I’m on the look-out for a nice and affordable apartment-living-appropriate setting where I can recline feel that balcony breeze. You know the drill.. here we go! Dream Balcony Decor Round Up!

Product Links:

1. cute & quirky mint character | 2. slender timber bench | 3. picnic cushion | 4. mossy bun bun | 5. retro plant holder | 6. Gin & tonic holder | 7. baby girl occasional chair | 8. musk stick cushion | 9. mushroom stool | 10. strawberries & cream planter

No balcony makeover is complete without an adorable bunny sculpture in the corner!

Until next time xx