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My Favourite Things!

Hi my name is Amanda and I’m a shopping addict.

I’m open to any hypnotherapy recommendations because this just can’t go on much longer.

But also… I’m kinda fine with it.

If you’re a regular around here, you’d know that I love new things and I love talking about them. Today I’m taking you through some recent purchases that are so fun and cute that they’ve been officially classified as some of my faaaaavourite things. To be honest, I get uncomfortable choosing favourites because there’s a tiny part of me that feels like the things know about it…. but I know you don’t have all day so I’ve had to cull the list to include just 4 items.

MY FIRST FAVOURITE THING | My first favourite thing inspires me to finally go back and finish off that bowl-turned-shotglass that I started making a year and a half ago at my local pottery studio. I’m a little bit confused about whether to call it a vase or a sculpture or a piece of pottery… whatever it is I LOVE IT. This lovely… vase is one that I impulse purchased at the recent Makers and Shakers Market in Marrickville, Sydney and it’s made by Clay Canoe. There’s something very Mid-Century about this piece but it’s also so simple that it doesn’t need to be classified as a particular style. You can see Clay Canoe’s other pieces here!



MY SECOND FAVOURITE THING | There’s no denying that I have a small (big) soft spot for all things retro. I think my love for anything reminiscent of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s era was triggered by visits to my grandfathers house when I was younger. I used to think it was the most amazing, biggest house I’d ever see – I was wrong, but the original mid century decor has stuck with me ever since. My newest retro addition is an original vintage radio in a unique taupe colour. It looks great and sounds… average. It took me about 24 hours of intermittent adjusting to get the radio tuned to Triple J and it’s never moving from that station (I’ll never get it back there if I do!!). I found this guy on Facebook Marketplace for $40 – bargain.



MY THIRD FAVOURITE THING | Well, actually my third favourite thing is 4 things… 4 dining chairs that is. I’m anticipating the arrival of a new dining table (shhh I’m not divulging any details until it arrives!) and obviously I’ve had to prepare for this long awaited day by buying him some new dining chairs. I’ve been eyeing off new and old versions of the Cesca Breuer cane, rattan back & seat dining chairs for a while and I stumbled upon these on gumtree. I don’t think these are original, branded chairs but they’re simply lovely and suited my budget at $450 for all 4. They’re super comfy and just work in my apartment so well. I’m excited for them to meet my new dining table and live happily ever after.



MY FOURTH FAVOURITE THING | Ugh okay I only wanted to do 3 favourite things but I can’t bear the guilt of leaving this little guy out. Another impulse purchase made at the recent Makers and Shakers market in Marrickville (I hate crowds and it was CROWDED that day so everything I did was impulsive) is this absolutely adorable cross stitch I spotted by Thimble and Bobbin (find her Etsy shop here). Thimble & Bobbin’s cross stitches are typically a bit sassy and this one does not disappoint with the ‘F’ word sweetly embroidered amongst some seriously cute and very 60’s motif’s. She’ll be sitting pretty on the wall above my buffet to greet everyone that comes walks in the apartment – perfect!

Okay guys! That’s it! I hope I’ve inspired you to go second-hand store scouring or to add a few more swear words into your daily vocabulary. Whatever you’ve taken from today’s My Favourite Things, I’m so happy to have had you here 🙂

Until next time! xx