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Top 5 Linen Sheet Sets!

Summer is coming…

and the night sweats are real, especially if you don’t have air-con. (full disclosure, I do have air-con but I’m trying to be a good human and save energy by not sleeping in a freezer as much as I’D. LOVE. IT.)

The next best thing to a constant stream of cool, 22 degree celsius air is a set of ‘light-as-a-feather’ linen sheets. If you’re like me and you can’t sleep without at least a sheet on top of you, you’re gonna need to pay attention.

Linen sheets are such ‘a thing’ right now, everybody’s trying to find the best ones! I’m on the search for linen sheets that sit somewhere between “wow, oh my god it feels like liquid gold on my skin and it costs roughly the same” and “oh my god, I just rolled over and grazed my back because I’m the cheese in a sandpaper sandwich right now”. Both of these extremes exist. Trust me, I’ve been on this journey for a while now. I call it: Interiors Girl’s Top 5 Linen Bedding Sets Round Up!



Product links:

1| Dove grey chunky linen 2| White soft and crisp 3| Sage fresh and light 4| Mushroom cosy and soft 5| Pinstripe relaxed linen

You’ll find my number 1 favourite (and recent purchase) at West Elm. These sheets are a bit thicker than your typical linen sheets but they feel just as light & breathable! Happy shopping!

Until next time xx