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DIY Paper Daisy Art

Due to all of the recent rainy weather here in Sydney, I’ve had a generous amount of inside time available to me.

“What does inside time mean?” You ask…

Inside Time = Crafty Time!

Yes, Interiors Girl is getting crafty today and I’m pretty happy with the crafty results so I’m sharing a step-to-step for creating my DIY Paper Daisy Art.

Originally, I purchased this bouquet of paper daisies simply for display in a lovely vase on my lovely buffet. This dream quickly fell apart when my flowers began to droop in what seemed like seconds. I had the bright idea of drying out my paper daisies (they’re a great flower to do this with) but I think I was a bit late and the stalks were already droopy and no where near save-able.

Devastated and full of regret, I was seconds away from making Potpourri and it finally occurred to me. The answer for my almost dead flower woe was Paper Daisy Art! Inspired by this artwork from Urban Outfitters, I planned everything I needed for my DIY art day and got busy.

I know, you’re dying to know how I did it so here we go! My instructional re-cap of my DIY Paper Daisy Art adventure:

STEP 1: DRY OUT YOUR FLOWERS | Paper Daisies are amazing, they have these lovely vibrant flowers that are everlasting. You just need to dry out the stalks properly so they can stand up and look alive. I’ve done this successfully once with a smaller breed of paper daisy and I have to admit I bought them half dried out from the amazing Seasonal Concepts in Redfern. I kept those flowers for about 2 years before I decided that they’d had their day. All you need to do is tie them in all bunches with rubber bands and hang them upside down with a ribbon – I hung mine on a curtain rod. Keep the flowers hanging upside down for roughly 2 weeks until they’re fully dry.

STEP 2: CHOP OFF THOSE STEMS | In this artwork, there are no stems or leaves to be seen, simply pretty flowers. Chop off every piece of green you can see as close to the flower as possible. Also, try and make the underside of the flower as flat as you can so that the flower can sit up straight when you’re assembling your artwork.

STEP 3: PREP YOUR FRAME | I purchased a simple white shadow box frame from Ikea like this one here. I cut a piece of white cardboard to the exact size of the frame so that it fit in perfectly, this is the canvas for my artwork.

STEP 4: PLAN YOUR FLOWER ARRANGEMENT | I spent a while playing with the arrangement of my flowers and how I wanted them to flow together. There were 3 different colours of paper daisy in my bunch, yellow, purple and white. Once I got a balance and a look that I was happy with, I took a photo with my phone so I could copy it later.

STEP 5: GLUE THOSE BABIES DOWN | With your phone next to you and a loaded hot glue gun in one hand you can start putting this thing together. Apply a small amount of glue to the underside of each flower and place it onto the card holding down for a few seconds in the right position. I found it easiest to start from the middle and move out-wards. Make sure every flower is sitting nice and straight before you move onto the next one.

STEP 6: YOU’RE ALMOST FINISHED | Glue from your hot glue gun generally dries pretty much instantly but I left my artwork to dry for a few minutes before popping that baby into the Ikea shadow box frame I had prepared earlier. Wipe the frame down and make sure you don’t have any rouge glue strings anywhere and you’re good to go!

There you go, a super quick & easy artwork for your wall and a happy place for those sad paper daisies to live forever.

Until next time! xx