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My 3 favourite flowers to style your space with!

For the record, I’m devastated.

I’m devastated that winter is completely over and we have a whole year until it starts again. However, I am kinda psyched about all the spring-time flowers blooming outside my window and it’s got me all inspired. I’ve been thinking about my favourite flowers to decorate with and I’ve got a few to share with you!

SUNFLOWERS | These bright & sunny flower pals are my all-time favourite. I know, its super predictable but their cheery yellow colour really does make me happy. Sunflowers are also great because they last for weeks. My florist often has some almost-too-fresh sunflowers that slowly open and last for 3 weeks! When they start to droop, I trim the stalks and pop them in a short vase to help keep the flowers facing upwards. These are a great dining table centre-piece but also look great on a console table.

SNAP DRAGONS | I love the crisp white and fresh green colour combo of these guys! The long stem and unique flowers are a great accent for my buffet as their size balances well with artwork. They’re also lovely to use in flat-photos due to their unique arch-shape and organic, unpredictable look. These guys a little different to the snapdragons I normally buy but I couldn’t go past them.

CHRYSANTHEMUMS | These super special blooms are on my list because they have a simple flower form that I just think is so pretty. The ‘Pom-Pom’ variety of Chrysanthemums are probably my all time favourite but my florist currently only has them in hideous fluro-coloured right now – not sure.. makes no sense. The ‘Pom-Poms’ are probably the cutest flowers I’ve ever seen and can’t help but to pat them every time I have some in the apartment. The great thing about Chrysanthemums is that they come in all sorts of colours depending on your mood!

I’m always looking for new and wonderful kinds of flowers so please tell me in the comments what your favourite flowers are! 🙂

Until next time xx