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Top Ten Faux Plants For Your Apartment!

Funny story.

A friend of mine messaged me the other day in response to an Instagram story I posted saying, “The reason why all your plants are dying is because you’re over watering them!” Obviously this isn’t true because that was the first time I’d watered them in months!

 This is all the tender love & care that my faux trail plant (squirrel tail) needs.
This is all the tender love & care that my faux trail plant (squirrel tail) needs.

Aaaaaaaaaaand that story is a summary of my life as a plant care-taker.

After having a really hard think last week about whether or not to continue with the real-life green friends, I came to the conclusion that I can have a few select breeds of live-plant that are particularly resilient against my severe form of neglect and abuse. The remainder of my indoor greenery will be made up of the plastic variety. I don’t just want your stock standard glossy “I’m a piece of plastic and wire pretending to be a plant” plants. I want real “You have to touch me to figure out what I am” plants. So, trawling the internet here I come!

Come at me realistic looking faux plants that don’t need no love from me!

Product Links!

  1. Fuzzy fern friend | 2. Tiger leaf baby | 3. Disheveled greenery gal | 4. Lumpy moss babe | 5. Shady friend | 6. Curly Sue | 7. Tall, dark & handsome | 8. Laser-cut lass | 9. Frondy friend | 10. Cry baby

Happy plant shopping!

Until next time xx