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Dinner Set Round Up

The inevitable has happened. 

After 5 years of living out of home, I’ve dropped one of my Ikea dinner plates for the first time.

As a self described ‘Shopping Addict’, my immediate thought was “Now I have an excuse to buy a new set of plates!” I had been thinking about it for a while but part of me just couldn’t take the leap when I had a perfectly mediocre set of plates to eat off.

 My new dinner set SPECKLE IN DUCK EGG from Ecology Homewares
My new dinner set SPECKLE IN DUCK EGG from Ecology Homewares

Well. The day has come.

We’re shopping for a brand new dinner set!

This is a pretty big decision that we’re about to make together… Do we choose something patterned, plain, textural, retro? I want all different kinds of food to look good on these plates. This includes my “Fun Weekend Breakfast (Waffles)” as well as my various attempts at Garam Masala or something else that isn’t the most naturally aesthetic dish. Another really important element that goes into the selection of dinnerware is “Does it make a god-awful sound when cutlery scratches against the surface?”. Does this annoy anybody else as much as it does me? I remember the first time I ate off a Porcelain plate… unbearable. Even the though of just holding a Porcelain plate gives me shivers. 

 My new dinner set SPECKLE IN DUCK EGG from Ecology Homewares
My new dinner set SPECKLE IN DUCK EGG from Ecology Homewares

I feel like the humble dinner set is something that gets a bit overlooked as an item that requires thought and time when choosing a design. Either we go cheap or plain… unless it’s the set of plates that are reserved for those important occasions that never end up happening anyway. I’m also not getting married anytime soon so I’m not banking on receiving those free wedding present plates that most adults have in their cupboards. Maybe it’s because we’re lazy, maybe it’s because we underestimate the impact that a beautiful set of plates can have on our everyday lives. Now, I’m not saying that a new dinner set is going to change your life…. but this new dinner set is GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE (or mine did at least)!

Let’s get to it… *Oprah Impersonation* It’s a dinnerrrrrr plaaaaaaate round upppp!!!

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Until next time! xx