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Top 10 affordable and stylish wine glasses

I need new wine friends. 

Not the drinking & giggling kind – I’ve already got some of the best wine friends of that variety!

I’m talking about wine receptacles, containers, vessels… or as most call them, wine glasses.

I’ve seriously neglected this particular category of home decor item somehow having made it to age 28 having only purchased two sets of very very cheap (i’m talking $10 & under) wine glasses. Currently I own 3 glasses in one design and 2 in the other. Hosting my wine friends is clearly something I avoid at all costs to avoid the humiliation and shame associated with producing my mismatched nightmare collection of wine glasses.

I think you might know what’s coming next. You’re joining me on my journey of wine glass enlightenment. We’re trawling through the internet together to find the 10 most affordable and stylish wine glasses. 

Product Links:

1) Deco Cornflour Blue 2) Sophisticated Gold Rim 3) Crystal Purple 4) Peachy Dream 5) Turquoise Lattice 6) Tulip Bulb 7) Floral Friend 8) Soft Pink Ombre Gold Rim 9) Amber Stripe Rim 10) Blush Goblet

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to choose which wine glasses to buy but I’m excited to do my deliberating… I’ve got it narrowed down to 1, 4 & 6 – it’s gonna be tricky!

Until next time! xx