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My Top Artwork Tips! How To Get It & Where To Put It! P4


This is the final part of our artwork journey! *single tear runs down cheek*.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be here giving you advice on other interiors related topics. But we can never talk about art again, I’m sorry. This was it. One chance (or 4) to cover everything related to artwork ever. 

Okay here we go!

Small recap: 1. we’ve got our artworks. 2. we’ve covered leaning artworks on furniture 3. we’ve covered managing the balance of hanging artwork above small pieces of furniture (ottomans and such).

First up today, I’m talking about getting the balance perfect when choosing artwork for above your sofa. I’ve seen so many versions of this in friend’s homes that just miss the mark (no, I’m not naming names… okay DM me and I’ll tell you). I know, it can be difficult. It’s tempting to match the length of your sofa with your artwork. It’s apparently also tempting to experiment with balance and hang artwork only above one half of the sofa.

Can I also just mention here… if your sofa is facing a television… please just don’t hang a mirror above your sofa. I also get why this is tempting but a television in the reflection of a mirror is the least appealing thing to see above a beautifully designed living space. Artwork goes here! This is the answer.

If you’re lucky enough to have your sofa safely placed upon a wall (I love my apartment but the floating sofa in the middle of the room makes this a touchy subject for me) without any awkward windows or doorways messing with your balance, I’m officially jealous. You have the blank canvas that I’ve always dreamed of. Let’s utilise it well! I have a few rules for artwork above sofas:

1. Choose a piece that takes up roughly 30% less space on the wall than your sofa does. 

2. Leave space on either side of your artwork to breath! If your art piece lines up with the edges of your sofa, it’s going to feel like it’s about to fall over the edges. Your artwork needs support.

3. Centre your artwork left to right, however keep your artwork close to the top of your sofa, leaving less space below than above.

The next most important artwork location in your home is: Above your bed (and other related bedroom spots). If you have a bedhead, the rules are essentially the same here as the sofa scenario. In both spaces, a single artwork can be replaced by a collage of art or pictures with the grouping of pieces to follow the same rules. If you have a wall opposite your bed that can accomodate an artwork along with an accompanying bench seat or console table for support then I would recommend swapping artwork above your bed for a mirror, reflecting your artwork in a really lovely way while also giving you a piece to look at when laying in bed! (Don’t place two artworks facing each other! They’ll compete too much.)

Another bedroom artwork spot that I love is above your bedside table. This placement gives a really personal feeling to an artwork piece and creates a really lovely line of sight next to your bed. Keep the artwork smaller than the width of your bedside table and keep your lamps on the smaller side if you want to incorporate this into your bedroom. 

Okay, so now that you’re so an artwork placing expert you can go to your friend’s apartments and confidently criticise them for putting a mirror above their sofa and creating a double ugly TV in their living room. Trust me, people really like it when you judge their home. 

Until next time! xx