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My baking dreams come true!

I have something to tell you.

I may… sometimes… spend time doing something that I love… almost as much as interior design. I said almost, okay? Not.. more.

Even still, I can’t bare the guilt that comes from betraying my 1 true love. 

Okay its baking.

Phew I said it! I love baking! Making cakes and pies and muffins brings me joy. It’s mostly the baking part that fills me with glee… the eating part is just a happy coincidence. I remember being roughly 12 and roller skating around my family home while I baked chocolate cake with cerulean blue icing on top, I was surely in my happy place. 

For somebody who spends a lot of their spare time researching cake recipes, I don’t have a whole lot of cute baking paraphernalia (I’m shocked too). Prompted by the recent expiration of my vintage brass measuring spoons, I’ve decided to overhaul my baking utensils collection.

Obviously, I couldn’t resist the chance to turn this into a baking utensils round-up! That’s not a cute enough name though so I’ve named this activity “My Baking Dreams Come True”. I think its perfect! I’ve pulled together my cute and adorable baking untensils wish list for you guys (mostly for me, though). I couldn’t think of any better topic to set a soundtrack to, other than shopping for cute baking related things so I’ve created a Spotify playlist to keep you company!

Product Links

1. Baby Blue Mixing Bowl 2. Pussy Cat Measuring Spoons 3. Sweet & Simple Cake Stand 4. Herb Garden Recipe Tin 5. Crystal Pink Pie Dish 6. Blossom Buds Apron 7. Confetti Spoon Rest 8. Puppy Dog Measuring Cups 9. Perfectly Pristine Cookie Cutters 10. Floral Fantasy Loaf Tin 11. Sweet Pink Measuring Jug 12. Sugar Sprinkler



Until next time! xx