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My Top Artwork Tips! How to get it & where to put it! Pt.3

So here you are, with all of your collected artworks and no where to put them!

Well…. I’m going to help! This week I’ll be dishing out advice on styling your artworks and telling you how to decide where to hang your pieces.

This is another topic that every client and friend I have asks me about regularly. It can be tricky to choose between hanging a piece of artwork on a big blank wall, over the sofa or on that skinny piece of wall that’s always next to your tv.

How do you decide?

Calm down!!

I’m about to tell you.

The main elements that help an artwork on your wall make sense are balance and proportion. If you’re placing a piece of artwork on a wall that is much larger than the piece itself, I always like to ‘ground’ and ‘support’ my artworks with a either table or bench beneath them. This gives feeling of “belonging” to the artwork, these two pieces become a little duo that help each other make sense – especially when they’re in an open plan space.

There are exceptions to this rule, however! If your artwork is going onto a small, skinny wall that holds the piece of artwork well (not too much space around it, but just enough!) this can be enough support for your artwork to make sense. This theory can also apply to a large piece of artwork on a large wall, if the artwork can hold the wall it might not need a piece of furniture beneath it as support. 

All of the above info will make more sense when we show you some examples, I promise!

First things first. My favourite art styling/ placement method:



Leaning artworks against walls and furniture is a really quirky way of displaying a piece. It works really well if you rent your space as there’s no potential damage to your walls. It allows you to mix your artworks around whenever you like and you can layer them on top of each other too! I especially love leaning artwork on top of my retro buffet. I love to have one really large but simple artwork as the main piece, then accessorise it with smaller and more detailed artworks. 

In this scenario, the supporting piece is my buffet. This guy is quite long and large, so he can really support quite a bit of artwork (this is handy if you’re like me and have a ‘more is more’ mentality when it comes to decorating). Experiment with layering your artworks with translucent vases and objects in front to provide a really interesting visual effect.



This spot in my apartment is a bit of a chicken vs egg scenario. I don’t remember which came first, the artwork or the ottoman. Either way, these two have been together forever – even in my last apartment. I like that they can sit together on an otherwise empty wall and feel like they’re meant to be there. I believe the similar width of both the artwork and the ottoman (my beloved wombat ottoman) is the reason that the pair are so successful.

One thing to make a note of is that the width of the supporting piece of furniture (the ottoman) must always be wider or as-wide-as than the artwork above. This rule is non-negotiable, if your artwork is wider, the desired ‘triangle of balance’ is totally out of whack.

Okay! This week is just a little taster for what’s still to come in part 4 of this blog post series. Two of the most important, life changing artwork styling tips will be coming to you soon!

Until next time! xx