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My Top 12 Cute & Quirky Rugs!

Yay guys!

Shopping time!

Last week, we explored rug placement and what kind of rugs are suitable for your space, depending on the use. If you haven’t read “The 3 Steps of Choosing Your Rug” then go back now! You need to know where your rug is going and what you want your rug to do before you can even think about rug shopping! Beware, this post is focused ENTIRELY on shopping. No info here, just shopping. 

 Soon you too could be enjoying your 'medium thickness pile' rug in your living room.
Soon you too could be enjoying your ‘medium thickness pile’ rug in your living room.

Here’s my Top 12 Cute & Quirky Rugs! By now you obviously have a strict criteria of what kind of rug you need, so this is about choosing one you like (and more importantly, one that goes with your interior scheme).  Links to all products are below and as per usual all rugs have the “Interiors Girl Can Afford Seal of Approval”.

By now you know I love a good playlist to hum along to while I do my online browsing so I’ve created one for you here. As per usual, I’ve themed each song to it’s rug counterpart. (My fluffy Flokati bedroom rug has been paired with ‘Head Up In The Clouds by Powderfinger’. You get where I’m going with this) 


Product Links

1 Terrazzo Pattern Rug | 2 Monochrome Rug | 3 Round Jute Rug | 4 Modern Colour Block Rug | 5 Pink Textural Rug | 6 Neutral Pattern Rug | 7 Distressed Vintage Blue Rug | 8 Squishy Love Rug | 9 Fluffy AF Bedroom Rug | 10 Soft Grey Textural Rug | 11 Cosy Tassel Rug | 12 Abstract Rust Rug



Until next time xx