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My favourite new things!

As you know, I’m obsessed with decor items.

Cute ones.

Quirky ones.

Aaaaaallll kinds of ceramic, glass and shiny things!

I’m so obsessed that I buy them, then take photos of them, then style them and take more photos of them. So you know, this isn’t just for your benefit (although, a benefit it surely is), I actually find pure joy in it. I do however have something up my sleeve today that’s just for you! I’m outlining where I got my favourite new things and why I bought them in this blog here today.

Get excited guys… I know I aaaaammmmmm!! 


Okay, here we go! My favourite new thing, number 1!

Amber glass jars | I have grand plans for these amber glass jars. I’m thinking maybe 4 different kinds of loose leaf tea… or 4 types of herbs & spices like vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks or bay leaves… the possibilities truly are endless but I’d like to display them on my kitchen bench with something earthy in there. I purchased them from trusty old Salvo’s, a charity shop popular among thrifters like me. I bought them for $2 each, which is unbelievable. They certainly needed a good clean before I could even start to think about putting anything in there. The thrifty-vintage-gods really were looking down on me that day. 

 My new amber glass jars all sitting pretty in a row
My new amber glass jars all sitting pretty in a row

So I don’t like to play favourites with my new favourite things…. but this one IS my favourite! ^.^

Amber glass vase | I have a thing for amber glass right now, okay? I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this store over here yet… I’m really confused about how this hasn’t come up but there’s an amazing store in Redfern (obviously, I don’t leave this suburb) called Seasonal Concepts. They have a collection of the most insane and crazy beautiful vintage products and curio items like framed butterflies, taxidermy and reptile eggs, all sitting right next to their selection of vintage pyrex and ceramic jars. Oh, they’re also a florist! Its a one-stop shop if you’re looking for something very unique. This is where I found my beloved amber coloured glass beehive vase. According to the knowledgable owner, this kind of vase was commonly given as a 21st birthday gift in the 1920’s & 30’s. I’ll happily pretend that I’m 21 and that this was a present to myself! HA! But seriously, every time I look over at this vase it makes me smile. Definitely worth the $220 price tag!

And last one!

Pink table lamp | I love decorating with little spots of pink in my apartment! I think it just adds the most cheerful pops of colour that ensures you just couldn’t be grumpy in here (don’t worry, I try really hard). Also, the pinkness makes my apartment look like no boys live here which is my ultimate life goal (sorry Dylan). So with this in mind, it makes so much sense that when I saw this amazingly adorable, sweet little musk pink ceramic table lamp in Salvos (this was on a separate trip to the amber glass jars) for wait for it… $5. A little pricey, I know! I bought a lamp shade for it from Freedom for $18 – easy! This lamp will probably move around depending on what area of the apartment needs a little mood & ambience boost! That’s what’s so great about her petit stature, she can go anywhere!

Yay! I hope you enjoyed my latest haul of favourite new things. I also hope I’ve inspired you to buy second hand! This really is where all the treasure is and it’s so rewarding when you find a great piece at a crazy affordable price. It also puts into perspective that sometimes beautiful things are considered worthless until somebody comes along gives it a loving home! (I’m not emotionally attached to my decor items, I swear).

Until next time! xx