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My top ten scatter cushions!

Oh cushions, how I love thee.

I’ve had a lot of questions since last week’s journal entry about this one specific decor category. So this week, I’m focusing my interiors energy on exploring the best places to buy your scatter cushions! I’m unsurprised at the scatter cushion enquiries because after all, cushions are the life-blood of interiors.

Cushions are tactile, sometimes fluffy, sometimes scratchy and sometimes floral but how do you know which direction to go in? Hopefully, a few of my tips from last week will help you develop your ‘cushion concept’ (if you didn’t read last week’s blog you’ve got a chance to quickly go back. Now!). Last week, we covered the ‘What’, and this week is all about the ‘Where’.

Remember, you’re looking for cushions that create a visual conversation between the other elements in your room. Have fun with colour and pattern but keep in mind that we want the space to feel cohesive and united. So, if your space has a quirky, mid-century feel, you probably don’t want to add those ‘glam, monochromatic-with-gold-accent-chain-pattern’ scatter cushions to your cart. Pinterest is your inspo friend here too – it’s a great (and free) tool, so use it!

Obviously, I got a little swept up in creating this ‘Top Ten Cushions Round-Up’ for you and I ended up buying some for my apartment too! You’ll find my pick at number one. I purchased these really sweet soft pink, green, navy and taupe cushions from Citta Design. The navy element in these cushions works in really well with the current colour scheme in my bedroom as you’ll find the same navy colour in my bedside tables and artwork. The soft pink stripe also highlights the light pink in the Marimekko artwork above my headboard. The only colour I was initially a little unsure about was the green. Once the cushions arrived, I could see that the green does work nicely because it’s a really similar hue to the blue of my headboard. The new addition of these colours is really successful in creating a cohesive feeling while adding a little brightness to my bedroom for winter!

I’ve summarised my cushion research haul to the top ten scatter cushions available online right now. Links to all products are below, along with a special cushion browsing playlist to keep you company! You’ll notice that each song is a perfect match to it’s cushion-counterpart, for example, track 2 ‘Gap Year’ by Phantastic Ferniture has an indie, relaxed and dreamy kinda vibe. This song works perfectly with cushion 2, with it’s quirky and retro embroidered check which I see sitting harmoniously on a mid-century armchair in your share-house living room.

Be sure to check out every song as you explore your home’s new scatter cushion candidates.


1. My number one fave | 2. Cute check embroidery | 3. Moody watercolour | 4. Maths x tropical feels | 5. Soft lines | 6. Cutest koala pal | 7. Burnt orange bobble | 8. Deep red spots 9. Sweetest dandelion | 10. Forest green beauty



Until next time! xx