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Shop my bedroom [Styling edition Part 2]


Did you think “Shop My Bedroom” was over?

Think again, friends.

You’re aaaaalmost finished decorating your bedroom!! (if you’re anything like me you’ll be doing it all over again in 6 months). We’ve learnt a whole lot about ourselves on this decorating journey. For example, I learnt that I don’t like spending loads of money on furniture or homewares and more importantly, you don’t need to! The challenge of searching for a bargain makes you really think about what you’re purchasing and means that your pieces are considered more carefully, which inevitably equals a better feeling space.

 Don't be afraid to add a unique touch of colour with your artwork!
Don’t be afraid to add a unique touch of colour with your artwork!

This is (part 2!) of the Styling Edition of Shop My Bedroom and here, we’ll be focusing on the finishing touches that can be the hardest to get right. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the right artwork and scatter cushions! The pressure’s on! They’re the pieces that can transform your space into a cosy and charismatic retreat. Well, obviously I’m here to help – you know that by now.



I should never go to gallery shows. I always regret going because I ultimately end up leaving with the lust for real adult art (Art-Collecting-Kind-Of-Art) and I just don’t think I’ll ever, in this lifetime be able to afford any of it. After I got home from last year’s Archibald Prize, I began googling and trying to figure out how I could somehow afford a version of Monica Rohan’s “Reluctant” and sadly for me, even the print edition retails at roughly $2000 framed. Ugh, I just shouldn’t go.

Rest assured, we don’t need those fancy $10,000 artworks because we just have so many other options! Firstly, best place to start is charity shops. This is where Australiana-Style Oil Paintings go to die and we as people with very little money have the responsibility of giving them a new, loving home for the low price of roughly $7-$25. The bonus is that they’re usually mounted in a great, simple Mid-Century style teak frame, it’s just the perfect solution!

As we curate your art collection, we need keep in mind that we want to achieve an eclectic mix of styles so we should incorporate something a little bit more modern too. A little while ago, I found a really great brand called Third Drawer Down who collaborate with artists and designers on unique tea towels designs. These tea-towels are also co-incidentally the perfect size to fit inside a range of simple IKEA photo frames. Its a great opportunity to purchase original artworks at roughly $45, added to the price of your frame, this should cost you no more than $100 in total. AHHHHMAZING.

I’m planning an entry dedicated entirely to art sourcing, hanging, placement, styling etc etc soo keep your eyes peeled for this soon!!


 Gotta get those cushions sitting exaaaaactly right!
Gotta get those cushions sitting exaaaaactly right!



This topic is so very close to my heart as I own (and hoard) an abundance of cushions, especially on my bed. I am unapologetically proud of my cushion count because my room just wouldn’t look the same without them. Decorative scatter cushions complete a room, without them my bed would never look immaculately made, which is always does.

I don’t move while I sleep to ensure the cushions aren’t disturbed during the night.

Decorative scatter cushions are the one of the few items that I wouldn’t recommend purchasing 2nd hand or vintage. Impulse buying super cheap cushions from the likes of Kmart or Target is also an easy trap to fall into, but just don’t do it! Even if they’re only $10 or $20, it’s just not worth it. The key is to buy good quality but nothing over-priced. Cheap fabric and polyester inserts are a dead give-way into how much thought really went into the addition. You must buy good quality feather cushion inserts. You can keep these for many many years just changing your covers whenever you feel like a change! Cushion inserts make more of a difference than you could ever realise, they feel better, they sit better and they keep their shape longer… I could go on forever about this!

 Pull out an accent colour from elements already existing in your room.
Pull out an accent colour from elements already existing in your room.

Cushions are an opportunity to bring in some fun and colour! They’re also amazing at making the other decorative items you’ve selected for your space talk to each other. Try pulling out some colours from anything exisiting in the room. For example, the dark navy colour I chose in my current gingham scatters pull out the dark navy paint colour on my bedside tables and the dark navy in the artwork above my lamp. The human eye loves repetition, it’s so satisfying to walk into a room and feel like everything is consistent (without matching!!). 

I find some really lovely designs at places like Citta (pronounced ‘Cheetah’), a great New Zealand company who’s cushions retail at roughly $50 (cover only). I also recently discovered a super cute brand called Sage & Clare – such pretty things! West Elm and Pottery Barn are great but can be a little pricier. If you’re searching for a specific colour, try popping into Chee Soon & Fitzgerald, Redfern. They have an amazing fabric collection and will custom make your cushions for you so you’ve got the perfect addition to your room!

You’ve now got all the tools you need to make your space a personal sanctuary.

Happy art & cushion shopping!

Until next time. xx