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Shop my bedroom [Styling edition Part 1]

It’s so common, you find your furniture – your main pieces like a bed frame and storage, all that ‘necessary-for-living’ kinda stuff. Then you stop. Maybe you’ll pick up a lamp, something practical like a clip-on reading light that serves it’s functional purpose. And that’s it. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong and you need to stop that. L A Y E R S are your best friends. They’re the kind of things that set your space apart from the IKEA-laden bedroom that could’ve been picked out in 1 mind-numbingly endless trip (I understand, by the 3rd hour you’re so desperate to get out that you’ll pick up and commit to anything just so you’re closer to the registers and soft serve machine). I’m talking about artwork, lighting, pretty scatter cushions – maybe even a faux fur throw (or real fur, no judgement here) lying across the end of your bed. These are the elements of your room that create a mood, injecting your character and personality into the space. It’s the metaphorical beret a-top the neatly groomed head of your home. 

I forgot to mention… if you’re new around here and you’re looking for mind-blowingly helpful tips and advice on uniquely and cohesively decorating your home for a reasonable amount of money…well you’ve come to the wrong place. Go back 2 entries, find “Shop my bedroom” and start there. What’s that? You say you’ve already been nourished in knowledge by said entry (parts 1 & 2)?

Well, welcome to the ‘Styling Edition’ of the ‘Shop my Bedroom’ series! I’m so excited to see you. ^.^

LIGHTING | This is SO IMPORTANT, sorry to be dramatic but lighting is more important than any other styling or accessory item in your bedroom (and your whole house but we’ll get to that – stop rushing me). It provides buckets of ambience that you can’t get from anywhere else, it’s also the functional element of your space (seeing in the dark – obviously necessary). Table lamps in particular, provide the crucial component of balance in a space where symmetry and alignment make such a huge impact to your mood and your mind-state. Lamps do this by flanking your bedhead and elevating your line of sight. This works really well if you’re able to arrange your room so that the bed is facing the door to your bedroom, it’s such an open welcome into the space.

For such an indispensable item, it’s lucky that lighting can be sourced at quite affordable prices. My advice is to keep this simple, don’t be tempted by the kitsch ‘bunny rabbit with a tea cup on it’s head’ lamp (I know it’s difficult to resist, I’ve been there). Simple silhouettes and materials are best, marble has a sophisticated touch especially if its a vintage piece that has a unique shape to it. I bought my table lamps from a vintage store in Glebe, they have a very pretty shape to them and they’re rustic with cracks in the marble which I love. If you do go for a vintage lamp, I recommend generally replacing the shades as they’re usually pretty grubby and stained. Clean and uncomplicated lamp shades are easy to find at Bunnings, Target and Kmart. If you’re looking for something brand new, Freedom & blah have good, simple and very affordable lighting that isn’t going to date in about 5 minutes (don’t buy anything copper, it’s so much of a trend that it’s surely due to completely die out in the next 6 months, it HAS to!).

 Find this guy from Freedom  here.
Find this guy from Freedom here.

BEDDING | Linen vs cotton, thread counts, blah blah blah this is all dependent on your comfort level and what you personally prefer. I recommend buying cheap and working your way up in price depending on your own experiences. Target has good quality cotton sheets and they’re very affordable so check them out. I prefer linen sheets in summer because they’re so breathable and feel so fresh against your skin. In winter I lean towards a cotton sheet for the first month or so and then I graduate to flannelette in July (I think it’s really uncool to use flannelette sheets but… I don’t think I’m cool, so that’s fine) My only other advice here is buy plain white everything with small splashes of grey. That is all.

DECOR | The little bits and pieces that accumulate in your most intimate space are so telling about your personality and style. This is where you really can have fun, be playful and not stress too much because you can change these elements around whenever you want! (Now, don’t be hoarding accessories, one thing goes in & another comes out! That’s the rule!) Have fun but don’t go overboard.

Plants are ALWAYS a winner in the decor department because they provide an injection of colour and add a dynamic element to your space. They’re also a good alternative to an outside view as we’re not all privileged enough to have one of those (a small reminder that the outside world does indeed still exist) You can even talk to your plants like they’re people. (when no-one else is around) Just so many great reasons to invest in a few green buddies! Jump back a few posts to “My Favourite Plant Homes” to explore a range of planter ideas. Another very easy and no-fuss decor idea is to stack books in neat piles (I like to colour code mine but you know, whatever suits you) this makes it look like you read which is a definite plus. An opportunity for a cute book end also arrises here, I’m thinking some adorable dog-cut-in-half bookend scenario. Some other ideas are vases, trinket bowls/ boxes, photo frames the list goes on. Try and keep to 1 or 2 complimenting colour themes when selecting these pieces, a huge mistake is just buying things you like without thinking about whether colours interact well etc etc. If you’re unsure, just keep it simple.

Sweet Florals | Cute Candle | Jewellery Holder | Pink Tray | Cosy Throw | Trinket Box

So there it is, gang. The first instalment of Shop My Bedroom, The Styling Edition. I know we all learned a thing or two. If there are any key elements you think you’d like to see in the next edition just lemme know!

Until next time! xx