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My favourite mugs

About a year ago, I moved to a new apartment and while un-packing my kitchen I was forced by my boyfriend to sort through my mug collection and cull… cull a selection of mugs that I don’t “need” or “use”. It was heartbreaking. I tried explaining that I couldn’t throw any out because I had a sentimental connection to each and every mug. I really did. Anyway.. long story short, in the space of 12 months I’ve since accumulated the same number of mugs that I threw out that night. So… HA! I will NEVER learn from my mistakes, clearly.

 Savouring the last sip with my current favourite tea mug by Robert Gordon
Savouring the last sip with my current favourite tea mug by Robert Gordon

Okay, so I’m a mug hoarder. Not like full sets of mugs (I don’t have the cupboard space for that), just singular mugs that I’ve found and impulse purchased because I think they’re cute. Up until now, this has been fine. I have a favourite coffee mug and favourite tea mug and everything works… until it doesn’t work. My system falls APART if somebody in the house uses one of my mugs. Cue: small freak out at the thought of changing my routine. Well, times are changing. I’ve decided to upgrade to ‘Full Adult Status’ and I plan to purchase a set of mugs. Four of the same favourite mug that will be available for use whenever I please. I’m also very excited to entertain friends, offer them an earl grey and wait for the matching mug compliments to roll in *stares blankly out to space while dreaming of the day*.

You’ve probably noticed by now that when I buy anything for my apartment, a lot of thinking and planning goes into the decision. This is a practice that you will now benefit from, by way of a carefully curated selection of mugs which is officially** confirmed to be the cutest available. You will find links, brands and a beverage suggestion for all mugs below ^.^

**Official confirmation provided by me, Interiors Girl (AKA Amanda Pocock, professional mug purchaser)

P.S. Cute mugs need catchy tunes to accompany them so I’ve prepared a themed Spotify playlist inspired by each mug and its personality to help you browse (mugs have feelings too, Dylan).

1. Peppermint & Licorice – Anthropologie |  2. Black Coffee – Nkuku | 3. Cranberry & Pomegranate – Kate Spade | 4. Milky Chai – Anthropologie | 5. Lemongrass & Ginger – Nkuku  | 6. Hot Chocolate – Urban Outfitters | 7. Chamomile & Spearmint | Marrimekko | 8. Milky Coffee – Hay | 9. Sleepy time tea – Citta             | 10. English Breakfast – Robert Gordon | 11. French Earl Grey – Ecology




Until next time. xx

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