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Shop my bedroom [Part 2]

I know.

Its been hard.

I’m sorry I made you wait for 2 blog posts before I followed up ‘Shop my bedroom’ with the second installation. I was really excited about the plants, as I’m sure you could tell….

I’m about to continue giving up all of my closely guarded secrets about how to trick people into thinking that the contents of your home are expensive (it could not be further from the truth, in my case at least). As a moderately aged human living in a big city, I can relate to the financial pains that come with moving out of home. One of the most liberating things about moving into my own apartment was buying my own shit. Finally, the day had come when I could hang my (very riskay) nude hitchhiking Madonna poster up…. and then immediately pull it back down again (it still exists, rolled up underneath my bed). I’ve made all the mistakes and learnt all the lessons so you don’t have to! 

I often wonder around antique stores and charity shops on my weekends. Its quite common for me to be driving through an area I’m not familiar with and suddenly swerve to pull over in front of the random, tiny second-hand shop in the middle of nowhere (this is where the best stuff is). I was in the midst of one of these browsing sessions at Lunatiques (previously referred to as Saturday Shopping Rampage) when I spotted the sweetest, painted cane armchair I’ve ever seen. Hence why I proceeded to purchase it with absolutely no place in mind for it (a classic Amanda moment). I brought it home hoping to provide her with a centre stage position in the living room… sadly this dream came crashing down when my flatmate told me she hated it.

Life is all about compromise, so in my bedroom she lives. But on the bright side, I can look fondly over at her when I wake up or sit on her when I put on my shoes…. life’s great. One of my favourite things about this chair is the way the bright floral upholstery contrasts off the black painted cane frame creating a really exciting combination. My only tip here would be that if you do have the space for an occasional chair, then make sure you pick something you LOVE. Don’t just buy something that’s functional, you need something beautiful that and still looks cute covered with all your coats and bags.

I have a love/hate relationship with Mr Flokati Rug (a Flokati is a rug made of woven sheep’s wool). I purchased him from an antique store in the Blue Mountains on a winter weekend away last year. It sheds like nobody’s business. So much that I find puffs of sheep’s wool everywhere I go and when I arrive at work theres always a puff trapped inside my laptop. When I pull my shoes off… a puff of wool attached to my sock. Puffs of wool on my clothes, puffs of wool in my bed. My flatmate somehow hasn’t yet mentioned the wool puff tumbleweed that is slowly growing and taking over our apartment (she’s so nice). Having said this, I tolerate it because it truly is the prettiest rug ever, it makes my feet feel cosy and loved every time I step out of bed and I can’t bear to part with it.

This is exactly what your bedroom rug should be; cosy, inviting, pretty and if you’re like me, it needs to be fluffy. (I’m that person who loves winter just because I get to sleep in flannelette sheets and turn on my electric blanket with a sheepskin overlay on top… in other words, I’m your grandma). Much like your bed frame, your rug should be simple. Unless you find an amazingly beautiful, colourful rug that you want to command all of the attention in your room. I would stick to pieces that have a neutral colour palette but a lovely texture and feel. A rug is typically quite a large visual element in a bedroom so it can’t be too competitive with your other pieces.

I’ve always dreamed of a room that was big enough for 2 matching bed side tables, an occasional chair and a bench at the end of my bed. Finally, having this amount of space in my bedroom is absolute L U X U R Y. So, if you have the room and don’t yet have a bench, oh my gosh go and get one! Your life will never be the same. This bench is not only a place for me to sit, it hides my poorly tucked in sheets and creates and sense of balance and proportion in my bedroom that only exists in magazines and aggressively styled photoshoots. 

I bought this guy from Coco Republic, he’s called Parker. It’s upholstered in a light grey velvet, with a ‘not-too-shiny’ texture, which is perfectly complimentary to my room’s colour palette. The tapered leg gives this bench another subtle vintage/mid century kinda feel (in addition to my bedhead). I opted for a velvet upholstery here as everything else in my bedroom is upholstered in linen or cotton and really, a bedroom needs that softness and texture that only comes from velvet. I believe that bench designs should be kept quite simple. We only want 1 or maybe 2 focal points that compliment each other, the rest of our pieces are merely “supporting” the design and scale of our feature pieces. 

Furniture is the first step to creating a well considered and cohesive room. Next comes the styling, accessories and lighting which adds that layer of character and polish to a space. Lucky for you, I’ll be posting a blog on this very soon – watch this space!

Also, I’ve got a special treat for you as a reward for reading this far down the page – yay well done! Also, I need to reach my monthly dog pic quota and I’ve been a bit distracted by the interiors… ugh! I don’t know his name… I think I did at one point but it doesn’t matter now. He looks like a “Ricky” (as in Ricky Martin), don’t you think? (Also, spot doggo #2… lets call him Pablo.)

Until next time xx

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