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My favourite plant homes (pots)

I commit plant murder on a regular basis. Plant murder.

Some would say… inplanticide

DOCS are after my plants. I get it, I’m a bad plant mum. 

I’m incapable of providing the basic needs for green things living in dirt. But I can’t just can’t stop buying them, right? Do they need more water? I don’t want to OVER water them… Does “filtered light” mean on my balcony or inside my apartment? Theres no middle ground! My balcony is west-facing and gets scorching afternoon sun and as a consequence I keep my curtains closed all day! I. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do.



Regardless of this, I’ve recently had (or purchased) an influx of new green buddies in my apartment. Sadly, some of them still don’t have homes. On my ‘plant home’ selection voyage, I’ve come to realise that most planters are seriously boring and are nowhere near quirky or adorable enough for me to part with money for them. So here’s my typical scenario: Depending on how adventurous I’m feeling, I go to Bunnings or Flower Power, pick out some cute little planties, get really excited, and then suddenly… It dawns on me…. EVERY plant pot here sucks. Seriously, why are these places obsessed with Eggplant purple? I’ve also already been through the “I’m going to save money and buy some cheap terracotta pots and paint them cute colours” plan. I’ve only got like 1 go-to polka dot pattern and every other attempt looks like a Year 4 design & technology project (You’re disappointed, I can tell. I thought I’d be better at that too).

I’m on a journey. A search for unique and cute planters that aren’t crazy expensive. There some beautifully handmade ceramic planters that I would DIE to own but I can’t afford $200 for a pot! I currently have 5 plants (soon to be roughly 8) that are totally naked and vulnerable in my apartment and 5 x $200 is too many $$. Obviously now, my life will be dedicated to researching planters forever. Or until I find the cutest, most unique and amazing ones that exist and share them with the world.

So here’s what I got for ya, I’ve put in the hard work so you don’t have to. Endless hours and multiple cups of tea fuelling the plant home hunt. Below you will find a fine selection of planters that satisfy the following criteria: 1. cute 2. quirky 3. affordable 4. cute & quirky.

You will also find below a curated Spotify playlist to keep you company as you embark on your planter journey. You will find 1 song, selected specifically for each planter so please browse in order. ^.^

Hold on plant friends, we’re going home. 


Moody disco glitter | Faux dirty speckle | Wombat’s friend Capybara | Navy & Pink Splish Splash | Crackled Pink Pumpkin | Kinda Emo Pimple Pots | Sneaky dogs



Until next time! xx