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Shop my bedroom [Part 1]

The eternal pursuit: My bedroom. 

For so long I’ve dreamed and obsessed over how it should look. It’s taken forever to define my personal interiors style and to make the space feel unique while embracing what I can afford (there’s a reason I don’t have a credit card). 

Finally, I think I’ve found a sweet spot with my bedroom furniture and decor. Finally I’m happy with the way it looks & feels. But I’ll confess, sometimes I find myself, asking “does that new knitted wall hanging really belong in my thoughtfully composed and layered scheme?” The answer is “yes”.

I’m proud (very) but never satisfied.  I like to call it “simplistic with a hint of vintage, and a splash of colour.”(Do however, check back with me in 6 months, this is usually my satisfaction expiration date.)

My friends and family are often complimentary of my interior selections (Obviously, the only reason I would ever invite anybody into my bedroom/ apartment is for the compliments) and ask me where and how I shop for furniture. It’s so hard to be confident that things are going to work together when you’re in the store or looking at something online, so for these reasons, I’ve detailed out where I’ve made my purchases and some tips on how to mentally organise the logistics of putting a space together. 

*Note: I have so many things to say and so many tips on this topic that it will be spread over 2 parts. No need to overwhelm anybody and this means more pretty pictures!

I have to admit, this was a last resort purchase from Ikea. At the time of this selection, I was desperate for a new bed frame. (A great example of my absolute lack of patience.) I am however, in hindsight satisfied with my Mandal Bed as it’s storage capacity is very useful. It’s a very simple, minimal design which is important in my space because the bedhead really is the visual feature here. After owning a bed with inbuilt storage, I don’t know how I would ever go back. But If I had my time again I’d invest a little more money for a higher quality product with better drawer mechanisms and something upholstered rather than timber-framed. If you’re not crazy about the storage element of this bed or have some fancy walk-in-wardrobe or something (I’m not jealous, okay?) then my next go-to would be something very similar aesthetically but up on legs. This can be great for a small room as the space underneath the bed can give the illusion of more room. When shopping for a bedframe on legs, I would still keep to the ‘more-simple-the-better’ theory and select a nicely toned timber frame or a neutral upholstery with a simple timber leg detail. Both examples pictured here are products from Brosa Furniture. 

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My ‘Porcelain Blue’ Megan Bedhead from Brosa Furniture is a Dream. Come. True. (I swear, I’m not getting paid by Brosa I just think they’ve got a great selection of  good quality products at a reasonable price). This is a stand-alone bed head that gently sits against the wall, tucked behind my bed and mattress. I’ve never looked back since making this purchase, the style’s perfect as the vertical panel stitching detail has just a tiny touch of a vintage feel. One point to mention is that the colour is MUCH more blue-blue than the grey-blue that I had anticipated from the images online. Brosa do have a service where you can request fabric samples prior to purchase but again… I am far too impatient for that and took the risk of ordering it sight-unseen. It took me a few days to overcome the shock that ensued while un-boxing my plush cushy bedhead but it has since joined my favourite things list. This bed head was a little up there in price at $479 in linen & $599 in velvet.

When pairing your bedhead together with your bed base, we have to think about the balance of attention these pieces are getting. If your bed base is super simple or upholstered in a neutral colour then we can have some fun up here… think button tufting, velvet, interesting stitching… let’s paint that blank canvas. One word of advice here is, choose a colour that you think you can live with for AT LEAST 5 years. Blue is my favourite colour and compliments my other favourite colours; navy-blue, grey-blue, teal-blue and blush pink so it works for me.



These babies (I have a pair) are my most treasured possession in this room. Not only because I love them with my whole heart & soul but because I put my whole heart & soul into them while DIY refurbishing them from the drabbest, saddest bedside tables of all time (not to brag about my skills but… you know). I bought the pair of original bedsides on Gumtree for $20 and I will soon do a post focusing solely on my DIY method for these bad boys because they deserve it. (I’m now an expert at painting these bedside tables because I’ve actually done it twice… I wasn’t happy with the finish the first time). I spent weeks and weeks searching for brand new bedside tables and what I found was either cheap looking with gross laminate finishes or bad hardware, wobbly legs or super expensive bedside tables at $700-$1000 each. Making good quality furniture requires a lot of labour and time so I can appreciate the price point for beautiful pieces. Only thing is… I can’t afford that so my bedside table fantasy quickly transformed into a unique mid-century design that I could re-finish and replace the hardware on to transform into my dream piece. If you’re not DIY-inclined, my recommendation in this department is finding a good quality, authentic retro/antique piece that doesn’t need to be refurbished. Or buy something a bit unique and interesting rather than your ordinary ‘timber-frame-with-1-drawer-and-a-badly-selected-handle’ i.e. Kmart. 

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In the 2nd part of “Shop My Bedroom” I’ll be exploring and detailing rugs, occasional chairs & bed end benches. I know, the suspense must be killing you.

Until next time! xx