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So today’s the day, the day I start sharing my interiors-related life experiences and I really hope that whoever reads this (Hi Sophie) finds it fun and a even a little bit inspiring. If you stick around for a few weeks/posts, you’re going to be 100% sure of at least these two things: what your favourite breed of dog is and whether or not you’re into wallpaper (I am, and I’m very glad we got that out of the way early). You’ll also be privy to my never ending life-project, which I call ‘Moving Things In And Out Of My Apartment’ set in Sydney, Australia… and I guess my day-to-day working as an Interior Designer.

Now, what better topic of discussion to christen this outlet for my spare time and overwhelming passion for interiors is there than…  “Here’s some interiors-related items that I purchased recently” …look, it’s a working title. 

First up, is my beloved set of gingham scatter cushions! They’re a key piece of the navy/french blue colour scheme puzzle that I like call my bedroom, which you’ll be hearing all about in good time. Purchased from the always amazing homewares/fabric store in Redfern, Sydney; Chee Soon & Fitzgerald. I had these cushions made to order using a beautiful Japanese loomed gingham weave that I caught a glimpse of whilst on my usual Saturday Shopping Rampage. The craftsmanship on these guys is 10/10 and the oh-so-important cushion insert that normally gets forgotten about is a majestic puffy feather cloud. I can’t remember exactly why but apparently these feathers don’t smell.. and they’re right… no stinky feather cushions here.

 (PSA: don't zoom in on this picture unless you want to discover how much my hair malts and how hard it is to remove hair from a flokati rug)
(PSA: don’t zoom in on this picture unless you want to discover how much my hair malts and how hard it is to remove hair from a flokati rug)

Now, one detail about my personality/choice of ceramics that you will come to learn is that I love a hint of vintage 1950’s & 1960’s Australiana flavour. I spotted these Martin Boyd pastel ramekins made in 1950-something and I just couldn’t bear to not have them in my possession. Again, another amazing find from Chee Soon & Fitzgerald in Redfern. I may have made both of these last 2 purchases in the same visit… it was a big day. Sadly, I haven’t haven’t had a chance to use them yet – (in my mind, the only dessert worthy of these dishes is some sort of fruit cocktail jelly with cut up pineapple floating around in it. Most likely a recipe found in the Women’s Weekly cookbook at my grandmas house.) If nothing else, these lil’ ramekins will sit on my shelf looking adorable, as they were destined to do.

Fun Fact: My middle name is Caroline (like, from that one Outkast song) but if my parents had more of an imagination my full name would be actually Amanda ‘loves-quirky-for-quirky’s-sake’ Pocock. Case in point: this framed drawing of a dog that I recently purchased from Lunatiques‘ moving sale. I got an amazing bargain on it, considering it’s an original hand drawing, and if you look closely, you can see every gently applied stroke of caramel-coloured fur. Luckily, the artist/my new life influencer’s name is on the piece (Jane Wilson), making my new dream of owning every dog drawing of hers a whole lot easier. Now, I think it’s quite clear to say that this artwork is worthy of comparison to the Mona Lisa. Aside from the obvious, the one incredible thing about this dog is that sometimes when you catch a look at him from the corner of your eye, you can swear he’s smiling… but he never is. He never is. 

Cheer up doggo, you’re home now. 

Until next time! xx

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